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Address Data Cleaning

We work with the Land Registry National Dataset*, HousingNet Social Housing Data, Government Open Data, House Price and Companies House data. If you keep an address database and need it cleaned or consolidated then we provide that service.

We don’t have private addresses so you will need to go elsewhere to clean that but we can provide geo-spatial mapping (you have the addresses and want to see them on a map) at low cost as we do a lot of that.

In truth we do a lot of things for a lot of people but the reason for this site is to offer up a data washing service against the National Dataset. If that interests you please keep on reading.

*What is the National Dataset?
The Dataset contains 12,347,689 property titles or polygons owned by:
Corporate Bodies
County Councils
Housing Associations/Societies
Industrial and Provident Societies
Limited Companies or Public Limited Companies
Limited Liability Partnerships
Local Authorities
Unlimited Companies
Co-Operative Societies
Community Benefit Societies
Registered Societies

This dataset does not include the following: Private Individual information, Overseas Companies, UK companies with overseas correspondence addresses and Charities.

Please note that we are restricted by Land Registry in supplying the National Dataset for Direct Marketing purposes so please don’t ask as refusal often offends.


Case Study:

We have been collecting information on UK Housing Associations and the people who work in them since 1997 - for use in marketing, analysis, research and for people looking for social housing.

Using the Land Registry National Dataset we have been able to map social homes across England and Wales, We’re pretty sure that HousingNet is the first organisation to do this – a world first! We use other open data sources such as house price data, brownfield sites, crime figures, socio-economic information and our own data to graphically enhance the maps for use in research, planning and sales.


About Us

We have been working in software development and housing data collection since 1997.

In 2013 we started working with the Land Registry National Dataset and have spent over a year cleaning the titles owned by Housing Associations and incorporating them into - our Social Housing database.

We work with Housing Associations, commercial business either working with, or looking to work with, UK Housing Associations and anyone looking to clean address data to improve productivity and cost savings.

Alongside the National Dataset we also use House Price data, data, Brownfield sites, Land plot and many other Open data resources to enable us to offer a personalised service to all our clients whatever their requirements.

“You guys are a breath of fresh air when it comes to running a business”
Sajjad Kauser - GPLM

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12,347,689Land Registery Data Polygons
from the National Data Set